junho 17, 2013

Blush + burgundy + mint = thanks Anjo!

I decided to share some of the photos of the clothes G gave me as a gift for "Dia dos Namorados", like I told you in the last post. While on my way to the fitting room, I saw other pieces that I liked, but when I tried on, some of them didn't fit as well as I thought they would be. Although I wish I had pick up the tweed jacket w/ faux leather trim, the striped silk blouse and the skirt (I could easily made a few alterations on the waist) I couldn't afford purchase any of them at the time and didn't want to add more pieces to my - already great - gift. I  just wanted to share with you guys. So I ended up choosing 3 pieces as my gift: this silk blush blouse, the burgundy pants and the mint jacket. Sorry for the low quality photo. I also apologize for the ugliness of took all the photos in my socks, I forgot to to put back my shoes.  

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